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  • Dream Seeker Estates is a legitimate tax paying corporation registered under the name of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
  • We have highly competent support staff. Our support team members have years of technical experience in all areas of Second Life technologies, viewers, operating systems, server and network architecture, and are up to date with the current in-world trends and grid wide issues. These skills are complemented with second to none interpersonal skills, resulting in a support team that is the envy of Second Life estates grid-wide.
  • Professionally supported. At Dream Seeker Estates, we have a team of salary paid support agents who will handle your concern professionally and with appropriate level of urgency. We maintain full support history so that we can ensure highest level of service and professionalism.
  • Highest escalation level. We have access to the priority concierge team and all our support requests to Linden Lab are responded to within a few hours or even immediately in cases of emergencies during concierge team operating hours.
  • Excellent relationship with Linden Lab. We regularly work with various members of the Linden Lab team to discuss market and technical issues and future ideas. This relationship allows us to reach out to appropriate management levels to address and understand occasional more complex grid-wide issues.
  • We give back to the world we live in. Dream Seeker Estates has organized fundraisers and has matched collected donations in support of the following charities:
    • Walk For ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Total donations: $160.00 CDN
    • World Vision in support of Haiti Emergency Relief. Total donations: $1350.00 CDN
  • We give back to the Second Life community. Dream Seeker Estates has sponsored or is currently sponsoring the following Second Life organizations or groups:
    • New Citizens Inc (NCI). NCI is a Second Life skills training organization that offers a wide range of courses including building, scripting, texturing, land management, and others.
    • Templemore. Templemore City of DreamSeeker Estates is dedicated to live music performances and DJs. A stunning build that will excite all of the senses, Templemore City is home to several music venues and beautiful views.
    • Sponsored regions for Second Life Veterans Tribute (SLVT) to support multiple Veterans Day events.
    • Sponsored regions to support Relay for Life in Second Life for the American Cancer Society.
    • Sponsored regions for Spoonful of Sugar Festival for multiple events raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Doctors Without Borders.
    • Sponsored parcels for independant artists allowing the community to share in the creativity and imagination afforded by Second Life.
  • We will be here tomorrow. We consistently produce strong monthly cashflow returns and maintain consistent growth even during periods of market instabilities.